Monday, September 17, 2012

The Difference a Year Can Make When You're a Toddler

I cannot believe that another year has FLOWN by us. It is absolutely amazing the difference a year can make. When Andrew was turned 2, he was still working on learning to communicate. He could talk, but it wasn't a whole lot. As he was getting closer to turning 3, carrying a conversation was a piece of cake. He talks ALL. THE. TIME. Yes, there are many times when I am just like, "Oh, my gosh...can you talk to Alex now??" But most of the time I love it. It is exhausting, but I love it. It makes me crazy, but I love it. And, Jason?? Oh, he just laughs the whole time. Everything that Andrew says is either hilarious, interesting, amazing, etc. There are things he says that makes us go, "Whaaaaa?" because we either don't know where he learned that from or whatever. It is really cool to see how he has grown this past year.

And as much as he has changed this year, only one thing really stuck.

Lightning McQueen. The year's obsession. The party theme. The Disney/Pixar character that I know way too much about now.

But for this amazing little boy? We would do anything for him. He wanted a Lightning McQueen party. And Mommy went ALL OUT.

There are about 150 pictures to go through, but for now here is how the weekend's festivities began:

 Friday afternoon - movie mania. We typically will watch movies Friday afternoons (after nap time) until dinner. It's our thing we do :)

The last day of Andrew being a 2 year old. Yes, as I just typed that...I got a little teary-eyed. Time flies. I'm so glad that I have these pictures. And, yep, that is a Cars book he is reading from the library. Such a cute little guy.

 HAHAHA!! Ok, when we had gone to Party City last week, Andrew grabbed a package of Lightning McQueen streamer tape. At first, i didn't want to get it, but then I remembered on Pinterest someone had done this to their kid's door for them to bust through in the morning. It was fun to put up, only because Jason could not believe that I did this. He was "whisper laughing" (this was like at midnight, so they were fast asleep on the other side).

You will have to wait and see what happens in the morning in the next post :) Sorry to leave you hanging, but that does go with Saturday's fun. It's coming right up!

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